About Us

We are a consultancy firm established with the objective of providing economic and strategic consultancy as well as capacity building services which are highly needed for the achievement of sustainable development. Our firm focuses on institutionalization, capacity building, and optimality of using the available human resources as complementarily elements for sustainable development.

Our Vision

Provide high-quality technical and capacity building support to businesses, central governments, educational institutional, local administrations, and NGOs in order to contribute to sustainable development.

Our Mission

  • Conducting high quality economic and social studies that help decision makers to intervene in a way that leads to achieve sustainable development.
  • Providing institutional assessment for all kind of institutional.
  • Providing support for educational institutions in order to get accredited.
  • Supporting bilateral and multilateral donor agencies maximize the benefit of their interventions.
  • Activating the role of NGOs in the economic and social development of the local community.
  • Helping young people to start and manage their own businesses.
  • Mobilizing the service of the most qualified university professors and consultants.

Our Team

In providing our services, we depend on highly qualified experts from Egypt, USA, and other countries in practice areas as follows

  • University professors & consultants with extensive experience in advising international organizations and/or donor-funded projects and conducted high-quality research related to economic and social development.
  • Retired government & senior officials with substantial operational and professional experence .

South Valley for Economic Studies & Consultancy and Capacity Building